please read this link and pray for the success story of this young woman. the following is an email i sent to the AP writer on the story... Dear SHIMALI SENANAYAKE, I'm a 25 year old journalism student from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. I just read your story on the young girl who was raped by her rescuer in Sri Lanka. Your story moved me to tears and I felt compelled to contact someone on the story. I have taken a Victims in the Media course at school and have learned much about rape victims and how they are portrayed in the news media. I would like to applaud you for not shaming the victim and giving her an identity in your piece. Her brave little soul shone through your description and I immediately idenitfied with her when I read she wanted to be a journalist. She has dreams that reach beyond the bounds of her community that would try to hold her back. I know she would prefer to remain anonymous, but if you could please encourage her on my behalf to try and find the tools she needs to accomplish that dream that seems so far away. Let her know that another woman half way around the world has the same dream to be a journalist and that I am rooting for her with everything in me. She is a survivor and an inspiration and although her success story to become a journalist is unlikely, I anticipate to maybe someday celebrating her story anyway. Regards, Rikki Lee Ratliff Journalism student University of Central Oklahoma