alright. so i've typed a new entry today. are you happy now? i didn't need to be updated near so much as erica rae who has had the same depressing entry up since christmas for crying out loud. i saw my friend's ultrasound the other day. i haven't seen a live baby kicking around on a black and white screen in a while. quite a miracle. she's having a girl. i had the honor of the mom actually choosing the middle name i picked out. fun fact that proves the miraculousness (yes, that's a word) of getting pregnant. out of around 30 days in a month did you know that a woman's ovum (egg) is only viable (able to live) for 24 hours? which means that in that 24 hours those gross squiggly things that come from the guy (sperm, yes sperm i said it) have to make sure that at least one (the chosen one), fertilizes that sucker in the small time frame that's given. for those of you whose parents said you were a dadblamed accident and you weren't planned and were just a result of one night of wild drunken sex. guess what? you are no accident. you were very planned. unbenownst to them, maybe, but Someone else had you already hand picked and specialized. love from ya sister who had fun in biology last semester. peace.