do i really have to go to school? do i really have to make a 75 on this last test in order to pass good for nothing algebra?! how long does stupid person have to study for this crap? i'm losing it. God help me tonight cause I know it won't be by my own power that I do well. He's listening, right?
one more semester, rikki. deep breaths. in and out.
you're gonna be okay. all this hard work is for something. it's more than a diploma, it's more than being in student loan debt, it's more than 6 years of stressing, it's more than never finding a parking spot, it's more than the tickets i rec'd for illegally parking, it's more than late nights and early mornings, it's more than even a 3.5 gpa.
it's a goal. achieved. surpassed. won by me.
it's release. it's freedom. it's wisdom gained and knowledge lost.
it's a step towards locating more of me and what i'm about. still not completely found, but arriving at the slighty cracked door of my soul and smiling because i can see a preview...and the opening credits look good...