You know spring has arrived when people wake up from their winter hibernation and start jogging, biking, walking and just generally getting outside and physically moving their body. This is especially true for Canadians who endure a good solid six months of legit-ly frigid temperatures.

They'll look for any excuse to be in the sunshine and prematurely wear shorts and tank tops. They'll have a drink on the patio or front porch at night and shiver all the way through it. But hey, it's not below zero, so time to crack one open and celebrate that fresh revelation.

It's especially to funny to watch those who have never greeted the mailman before and yet practically run out to the sidewalk to say "hi," and you guessed it-talk about the weather.

The neighbour kids start playing outside again. Playing and cackling and squealing until it's dark and mom starts calling them home. I know this because And so are their worn out, left-out-in-the-backyard-all-winter, chewed up toys.

Birds start chirping and chatting up a storm. It's glorious!

Birds start chirping and poo-ing up a storm. Just inches from my new Mac and my new hair-do. Less glorious.

(Note the round splash of evidence of Spring next to my keyboard)

Despite the close calls with nature and the run-ins with sometimes obnoxious small humans, I'm embracing this new season and all of the possibilities it seems to be affording...