Cue the Ron Paul GIF…

it happening.gif

because my matchmaker has found a match.

It’s a blind date but she was able to give me some details:

“Brown hair, light eyes, about 5'10" and close in age.”

When she originally asked for my type I told her “Colin Farrell before the drugs took their toll”, so if I don’t feel like I’m in a scene from Minority Report I’ll be really disappointed.

I’m kidding… I’m kidding. I really am more interested in his personality and values set. My matchmaker assures me he’s one of the good ones and she gave me some advice to make sure I don’t screw it up:

”…try to dig a little deeper than first date conversations about work and lifestyle, and aim for more thought-provoking questions to gain insight: What really makes your date really laugh? Who is your date's most treasured friend? What motivates your date to travel? Remember, this is your first date. Expectations are so powerful, so set yours to zero… And our ONLY rule - no talk about dating or [UNNAMED MATCHMAKING SERVICE]. That means no chatter about your previous dates, exes, relationship history, online dating, matchmaking, or what led you to us. It's very meta, awkward, and kills chemistry faster than bad breath.”

Then Lord have mercy what am I gonna talk about? What am I going to wear? And more importantly, do I tell him about this blog?

If he appreciates Ron Paul cultural references as much as I do I know it will surely be a match. Fingers crossed, pearls clutched—but not too tightly.