What a wonderfully clever and irreverent way to ask ourselves why we do the nominally religious things we do. I wasn't raised in a traditional, mainline church and was never asked to give anything up for a season for a greater spiritual purpose. I was just asked to follow Jesus and I think I thought that would be enough.

I'm learning now there is beauty in symbolism and tradition if not followed blindly or ritualized emptily. Perhaps it helps to fill in the gaps where as humans we misstep in following in the dusty sandals of One so great. I'm on a slow journey to figure out if diving into Institution-induced customs is for me.

These cards are less to make fun of those of you who choose to worship in your own personal way during this Lent season, and more to challenge myself to really think before I say goodbye to primetime television, Reese's Puffs cereal, or something else completely life altering like that.