That's Buffalo Bills former quarterback and NFL great, Jim Kelly readying to catch my wobbly spiral six years ago today.

He was spotted on my flight from Atlanta to Buffalo and I crawled over airplane seats to ask him for an interview for the show I worked on at the time. I wasn't going to let that opportunity pass me by because I was afraid of prostrating myself in public at 34,000 feet.

Apparently being the daughter of a salesman helps in these situations. He agreed and gave one of the most authentic, soul-baring interviews I've ever conducted.

Six years ago, he had persevered through four Super Bowl losses, losing his child to disease and very nearly losing his marriage.

Since that interview, he's overcome two war-like battles with cancer. He credits his faith in God and his family for carrying him through those valley stretches of death.

On days I think I have it bad, I reflect on this human superhero, and the time he gave an ambitious no-name tv journalist.

He had a killer cold for the interview, but like that was going to hold Jim Kelly back.