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Some sacred cows are meant to be slain

Some sacred cows are meant to be slain

Sun Media recently published my column on "Cuba: A Pretend Paradise."

After reading about the regime's most recent form of censorship, conducting a phone interview with someone connected to the underground in Cuba, and getting into a heated exchange with some of my own friends who believe me to be a naive embargoed American on the subject, I felt compelled to write. A certain righteous indignation led me. I felt I owed it to the 600,000 Canadians who travel there every year in blind ignorance that life is sunny on the beaches, and to the Cuban people, whose voice has been silenced.

I braced for the hate mail for having stepped on thousands of Canadians' toes. But a surprising thing (or not so surprising) happened. The comment section has been flooded with "gracias" from former Cubans who have fled, and some who still remain. 

My contact who asked to be left nameless, sent me dozens of links to my article appearing on Cuban news, blogs and websites. It would appear the people of Cuba are grateful for those who can afford the freedom to speak out against status quo in their country.

And so Canada, I didn't write a snappy column for your reading pleasure on a Thursday afternoon.

Turns out, I didn't even write it to satisfy my own ambition.

This was for you, Cuba. 

Below is a small collection of their responses:

As one of hundreds of thousands of us who managed to escape the Castro brothers totalitarian hell hole, i would like to give a wholehearted THANK YOU ! to the Toronto Sun for telling it like it actually is. It is really good to hear an honest and clear voice from Canada.

Cary Montero
Excellent articule and coments. Cuba is a prision where cubans are treated like slaves. I am glad finally a newspaper decide to express the reality of Cuba. Thank you.

Lori Diaz
Agradeciendo este excelente artículo donde el autor refleja la cruda realidad que padece el pueblo cubano.

En este mismo hemisferio hay un pueque padece padece una tiranía por 52 años a manos de un grupo de pandilleros que secuestraron el poder.

Miles de cubanos han arriesgado y perdido sus vidas tratando de escapar de la isla de donde antes de 1959 ninguno de sus ciudadanos quería emigrar.

Gracias por alertar a los ciudadanos canadienses, personas cultas y amantes de la libertad, para que no se hagan cómplices de este régimen. Todos los recursos económicos van a parar a los bolsillos de los represores del pueblo cubano.

Gracias nuevamente

English translation

Thanks for this excellent article where the author reflects the harsh reality endured by the Cuban people.

In this hemisphere there is a tyranny pueque have suffered for 52 years at the hands of a group of gangsters who kidnapped power.

Thousands of Cubans have risked and lost their lives trying to escape the island before 1959 where any of its citizens wanted to emigrate.

Please alert Canadians, educated people and lovers of liberty, not to become complicit in this regime. All financial resources goes to the pockets of the oppressors of the Cuban people.

Thanks again

Thank you. You don't know what this kind of articles means for us.