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The elephant in Canada's waiting room is pregnant with ignorance

The elephant in Canada's waiting room is pregnant with ignorance

Things keep getting more messy with the abortion question in Canada. In the latest news, a B.C. couple urged their surrogate to abort the fetus because doctors found it was likely to be born with Downs syndrome. Although the surrogate had initial qualms with terminating the pregnancy, she eventually went through with what was likely a second term abortion. 

My personal views on abortion are complicated and can't be boxed into a cozy Christian soundbite. And I don't think I could ever run for political office because I couldn't please constituents on either the right or the left by defining my position. However, what isn't complicated is my tolerance for ignorance on issues like abortion that affect a society at large.

When I learned of recent poll findings that found 79% of Canadians were ignorant of their own abortion laws, I felt compelled to wade into the quagmire that is the abortion debate in this country, or rather, lack there of.

When forming opinions or legislation that defines a person or country's moral code, there's a necessary ingredient that cannot be left out of the mix. Truth. In an op-ed for The Holy Post, I write that the privilege of living in a democracy comes with the responsibility of pursuing truth.

Although the comments on the piece were modest in number, it ended up ranking as one of the most-read articles on The National Post website. I think it reaffirms my opinion that although Canadians seem to care and have opinions on the abortion issue, they don't care enough to really have an intelligent discussion about it.

I am convinced that truth is the irritant that prevents a squabbling young republic from becoming a reckless oligarchy. If we need to bicker a bit more about this subject then so be it. Better that than the chilling alternative.

My indignity for ignorance sparked an interview request from a local talk radio program based on some of the points in my op-ed. Should you care to listen, you can check it out here.