halelujah! i suis finit avec Algebra! i hate that crap!
i woke up today (wasn't easy) and i was 25. how did this happen? i still feel like an awkward 15 year old girl with pimples and adolescent fat. oh wait--i do still have pimples and adolescent fat. i still feel like the only thing to live for is turning 16 and getting kissed by a cute boy. i still feel like my clothes are never cool enough and if i only trip three times during the day then it's a good day.
while my clothes might come from gap and express, my perfume is from hollister and reads, "for young girls." i like elton john but have a crush on little bow wow. i still like capri suns with the straws and prefer hanging with my sisters than most of my own friends.
i look in the mirror and i still see a teenager with insecurities and passions and dreams for the future that i am presently living out. somebody push back the hand of time and let me be a little girl again. let me be innocent and think that getting my driver's license and an 88 pontiac bonneville is still cool.