I was a weirdo 17 year old enthralled with the way this pictured contrarian John Stossel told stories on tv. I knew at that time I wanted to be a journalist and I was pretty sure I wanted to be a journalist like him. Fact-driven, but funny and always in the pursuit of personal freedom. 

Many times throughout my career I applied to be his intern while he was at ABC and then later an entry-level producer for him when he was at Fox, but never getting any response. 

Three years ago my dreams were finally realized when I became a higher-level producer for him. It was not long after I was even more thrilled when he and our EP asked me to be his field correspondent. 

He's a tough host, but he's made me a better tv producer and presenter and for that I thank him, because now I can chase after new dreams. Which is what I've been doing since June 1st having taken a job in Vermont (yes, Vermont). 

I have an incredible media opportunity that lets me become an executive producer AND an entrepreneur, putting me closer to my goal of world domination (he he). The show in still in development, so when I can share more, I will. 

In this photo-moment I'm telling John before we start to roll tape that he nicked himself shaving and he has blood on his face I need to discreetly wipe off in front of a live audience. Ah, the producer life. Ain't it great?