"Do you miss it?" 

I get that question about NYC almost weekly from old friends and new faces here in Vermont. The answer I usually give is "no, not really." Now if I'm asked that question again in the dead of winter I'll probably give a different response, but I've quite taken to the more laid back lifestyle. The shortly coiffed hair is making straggly lengths to grow and so is my soul. Unfurled from the 300 square foot Manhattan apartment and concrete Lego stack of a city, it seems its got more room to stretch out and think about the things that really make for a great quality of life. I even attend yoga classes now. Seriously.

I like the contrast represented in this photo below. At 36 years old, I'm not in the best of shape but I managed to crawl my way to the top of the highest peak in Vermont via a double black diamond mountain trail. Yay me. But the reality is my experience in NYC was not that dissimilar. It's a tough, crowded thoroughfare of dreams and disappointments, but it's still worth a pat on the back sometimes to say, "yeah, I did that."